Dartmoor Nipples Aluminium Black Ano

Aluminium nipples. 3 times lighter than standard brass nipples. Beautiful anodized colors. 38 nipples in a package.

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Product Description

Warning: It is strictly recommended to use assembling tool dedicated for alu nipples and determine correct length of spokes when building up the wheel. Using standard tool (for brass nipples) or too short spokes may cause breaking of the alu nipples.

-Length: 12mm
-Weight: 11g (set)

black anod

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Top quality headset with integrated top and bottom parts. IS42/IS52 S.H.I.S. type. Ultra low profile top cover made of 2014 aluminium. High quality precision sealed 45/45 bearings with anti-rust titanium coating and special high density grease protecting against water penetration. They come with two steel crown races, one for tapered and second for 1-1/8” forks.

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The Star sprocket will really set off your dream build, with its cool flowing lines nicely CNC machined from a block of 7075 aluminium. This high end sprocket with 10 spokes design will come in a set with alu adapters for both most popular spindle diameters.

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Euro standard bottom bracket bearings with alu cups. Pro Series come with top quality bearings and refined cones that reduce the amount of spacers needed for installation. Two inner sleeves for 68mm and 73mm bottom bracket shells and a set of alu spacers included.

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(More style avaliable)


Keipo is our 3-pcs cranks made of heat-treated Cr-Mo 4130 steel. They are RHD/LHD compatible and have two sprocket holes to fit all sprocket sizes. Set includes arms, spindle, Cr-Mo spindle bolts, 2 sprocket bolts (bigger one is hollow) and pinch bolts. Alu spindle bolts available as separate spare parts.separate spare parts.

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