Tioga powerblock S-Spec

powerblock s-spec is one of the lightest tires in the world. The ultimate BMX racing tire, the PowerBlock is designed to efficiently transfer pedal power and other rider inputs into lateral motion. In short, you'll roll faster with less wasted energy. The S-Spec version utilizes Tioga's thinnest sidewall for maximum suppleness and weight savings. Size for size, the PowerBlock S-Spec are the lightest BMX tires in the world.

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powerblock S-Spec
Cylex 120 TPI Superlight Casing
UTC Rubber Compound
Folding Bead
+ 20 x 1.75  (O.D. 506mm)  10.94oz; 310g
+ 20 x 1.60   (O.D. 495mm)   8.47oz; 240g
+ 20 x 1-1/8 (O.D. 518mm)   7.05oz; 200g

60 TPI Casing
UTC Rubber
Steel Bead
+ 24 x 2.10   (O.D. 624mm)   18.34oz; 520g
+ 24 x 1.75   (O.D. 610mm)  15.87oz; 450g
+ 24 x 1.60  (O.D. 600mm)  13.93oz; 395g
+ 20 x 2.10  (O.D. 522mm)   13.93oz; 395g
+ 20 x 1.95  (O.D. 515mm)  13.40oz; 380g
+ 20 x 1.75   (O.D. 506mm)  11.46oz; 325g
+ 20 x 1.60  (O.D. 495mm)   10.76oz; 305g
+ 20 x 1.40   (O.D. 428mm)  10.40oz; 295g
+ 20 x 1-3/8  (O.D. 531mm)  12.50oz; 355g
+ 20 x 1-1/8  (O.D. 518mm)   9.88oz; 280g

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