Box One Carbon 20x1.75” 36H Rim

Box One Carbon BMX Hoops utilizes a medium height profile and wide internal dimensions that create a high performing, stiff carbon rim. Compatible with both tubeless and tubed configurations allows these rims to have multiple tire options and setup possibilities making it perfect for all tracks. Available in 36-hole 20 x 1.75-inch with and without brake-tracks. PLEASE NOTE: Box One Carbon BMX Hoops with brake tracks require Carbon Brake Pad Inserts and CANNOT be used with standard Brake Pads made for aluminum Rims.

Rim Size



• Schrader Valve Hole
• Low Profile Design
• Brake and Brake-Less Profiles
• Stainless Steel Eyelets
• Machined Brake Track
• Optimized Internal Geometry

                                         Front               Rear
Hole Drilling                      36                  36
Internal Rim Width         23mm             23mm
External Rim Width        30mm             30mm
Rim Height                     25mm             25mm
ERD                                  378                 378
ETRTO                           406mm           406mm
Material Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Weight                          320g/11.2oz      320g/11.2oz